Press Release

Batteries for Industry of New Jersey Develops Industry Wide Forklift Battery Size Calculator is a revolutionary tool that will set the industry standard for consumers. Easily measure your battery and size it appropriately to never order the wrong size again.


February, 2013 – Paterson, NJ. Batteries for Industry, an industrial forklift sales and service company has engineered and developed a site that will help consumers and businesses alike that order forklift batteries in the New Jersey area as well as across the country.

Consumers who aren’t familiar with the intricate process and standards of each forklift battery size can mistakenly order the wrong battery for their truck. Simply measuring and being off a few inches can mean ordering a different, incorrect battery. Solve the woes of incorrect orders and returns in three easy steps by measuring the battery, typing in the results, exactly or rounding up/down, typing in the cells and searching for the correct sized battery.

Once done searching, the consumer will be presented with a few likely battery sizes. Once done; simply place your order over the phone with New Jersey’s Batteries for Industry. If Batteries for Industry doesn’t serve your county, other Douglas providers are available across the country to meet your needs for a high quality forklift battery.

“By offering a tool that will benefit the industry, we can prevent incorrect orders and extra costs to our customers. Our batteries are the premier choice in the United States and we take pride in the forklift battery brand we offer.” Kyle Jergensen, the General Manager of Batteries for Industry states.

Company forklift operators, operation managers and other officials are encouraged to try out the calculator tool before calling in to order a battery. Using the tool will increase accuracy and will increase productivity time as less time is spent ordering a battery.

Batteries for Industry plans to expand the site by adding more relevant tools and articles related to forklift batteries and common industry related information.

Visit to get started on an easy to use site. Sizing your electric forklift’s battery has never been easier and more accurate.