Watering Forklift Batteries

Similar to the way plants are watered, electric forklift batteries also need to be watered frequently to run properly. Watering forklift batteries is a necessary task for all forklift owners. Usually put on a schedule; it can be done by a battery professional or in house with a watering gun tool system.

Watering depends on usage rates during shifts throughout the week and month therefore differing for every business. It’s suggested that batteries should be put on a schedule to ensure all batteries are being watered as frequently as necessary.  Occasionally schedules can be disrupted and watering levels can be thrown off by increased usage periods or a decrease in productivity time. Indicators can be installed on the cells of a forklift battery for easy monitoring of the water level.

Forklift battery professionals strongly suggest that watering be done after a battery is fully charged and before a shift begins. Watering a battery after a full shift right before it’s time for a charge can be dangerous. With the increased amount of heat produced by charging there’s a risk for a boil over which can be damaging to employees, the forklift, battery and actual watering system. High usage facilities tend to water batteries about once a week. Setting your schedule to a Monday morning or before the start of a set shift starts a safety routine that all employees will be able to follow.

With the right tools and watering gun, even an inexperienced employee can expertly water each cell. Smart battery watering guns have an auto shut-off valve that detects when the cell is full and prevents over filling. Depending on the brand and size of the battery anywhere from 12-24 cells can be watered at one time. For large facilities with many trucks, it’s recommended to have a professional come in on an ongoing basis to take care of the watering. While employees with little watering experience can do the job, a pro has the technique to work quickly while still working accurately.

Systems are affordable and adaptable to fit the needs of your work environment.

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